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HELIOS Nephrite

HELIOS Nephrite is the latest information system that increases the efficiency of production, trade and services and automates work processes. This is a newer version of the HELIOS Green system, which is improved in many aspects.


HELIOS Green collects and structures all important information and helps you get a better overview of all types of processes. We are no longer implementing it, but are providing full support for it.

TINOS - Technical information system

TINOS is a system that can ensure the records and access to work procedures related to any management of technical assets in the company.  It can be used in the office and in the field.

Enterprise Mobile Application

EMA is a native mobile application that has been developed by our company since the beginning. It is used, for example, to manage service technicians, collect data or record activities performed within the service.

NAXOS - Buying Centre

NAXOS is an intranet web application based on HELIOS Nephrite, which is used to enter, record the status and process electronic requests made by employees for the supply of materials and services to the organization's purchasing department.

PAROS - Energy management

PAROS is a system that facilitates the work not only of energy professionals, but also of invoices and accountants. In its development, we cooperated with specialists in the field of energy industry.


Flowio application

FLOWIO is a clear and intuitive application for digital management of business processes from anywhere. It's available online, so you can have it anywhere on hand. The application’s arranged environment is easy to navigate.