HELIOS Green collects and structures all important information and helps you get a better overview of all types of processes. We are no longer implementing it, but are providing full support for it.

HELIOS Green is a complex information system that helps medium and large companies save time and money. It increases the efficiency of trade, production and services and automates work processes. This comprehensive ERP gathers and structures all important information and helps you gain a better overview of all types of processes applied in your company. Thanks to specialized modules and industry solutions for various fields, you can easily adapt it to your company's needs.

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  • Neverending progress

Neverending progress

HELIOS Green, the information system, which has won many awards among experts in its more than 12 years of existence, has streamlined a number of internal company processes. It is an integral tool for everyday work in many companies and is appreciated by its users. Since 2020, its evolutionary version called HELIOS Nephrite has been on the market, which is a generational clone of the current product. Nephrite contains all the necessary and known modules with higher added value for the customer. It focuses mainly on the ergonomics of the user environment and its appearance. In communication with our existing customers, we prepare and offer the possibility of migration to this new product. We still provide licensing and technical support for HELIOS Green, but new customers are mainly offered a new version of HELIOS Nephrite.

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What can HELIOS Green do?

HELIOS Green has a range of modules for efficient process management.

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Automation and control
Thanks to this, complete automation and process control is ensured throughout the entire company, and you will be able to easily monitor the flow of documents through the process and the status of processing. At the same time, this function allows monitoring of selected processes and events. At any time you will be able to check the current status and clearly identify who is responsible for the task. You will also see a so-called worklist, in which you will find an overview of users with current tasks to be solved. You will be able to define individual workflow processes and nodes for individual users or their roles. The system will also notify you according to the conditions set by you, even outside it (e.g. in the form of an SMS message or e-mail).
Monitoring processes
Monitoring processes track all important data and provide you with information at all levels of management. Use them to monitor the status of system logs that flow at preset intervals.
Approval processes
Integrated approval processes eliminate possible delays when approving and support electronic communication. Thanks to them, you will be able to control the flow of documents and process them completely. At the same time, redirection is possible in case of vacation or illness.

Thanks to Business Intelligence tools you get easier control and you can extract critical data, including complex series of numbers. Part of this module are views of all important agendas of the system. These views can also be inserted and further published in other documents, intranets and presentations.
You can compile reports, for example, for individual orders, products, centers, or employees. Accumulated amounts can be broken down into detailed items by drill-down and combined by drill-up. The system can quickly generate the information needed for decision-making in business opportunities and orders. It can convey a view of data across the entire system and allows you to save a modified view of selected data. The system can be used not only by managers, but also by other employees at various levels of management.

The connection to various registers enables, for example, automatic control via the Insolvency Register when a new entity is established. The Creditcheck service enables advanced credibility monitoring for Czech and Slovak entities. It also includes verification of the accuracy of data and the system fully supports the reliability check according to the Register of VAT Payers.

This feature allows you to automate the sending of EDI messages. This will reduce the difficulty and error rate when entering documents. At the same time, you will streamline the management of individual business processes.

What modules does HELIOS Green offer?

A technical information system is a system that can ensure the records and access to work procedures related to any management of technical assets in the company. It can be used in the office and in the field.

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HELIOS Buying Centre (BCH) is an intranet web application based on HELIOS Green, which is used to enter, record the status and process electronic requests made by employees for the supply of materials and services to the organization's purchasing department.

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The Energy Management module is a system that facilitates the work not only of energy professionals, but also of invoices and accountants. In its development, we cooperated with specialists in the field of energy industry.

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EMA is a native mobile application that has been developed by our company since the beginning. It is used, for example, to manage service technicians, collect data or record activities performed within the service.

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This module ensures complete management of accounting agendas in your company. It includes basic reports, which include pre-balance sheet, balance sheet and income statement, as well as more advanced outputs. There are also monitoring and evaluation functions. Of course, there are also basic agendas in the form of work with bank accounts, VAT processing, property and contracts.
HELIOS Nephrite fully supports the "paperless office" concept. This means that it supports electronic invoicing in the ISDOC, UBL and CII standards. The module also works with an integrated DMS or EDI solution, including the necessary legislative requirements. There are also IFRS and US GAAP accounting standards, which will be appreciated especially by international companies.
Within the cash flow, you can monitor the real flow of money. This function will provide you with information for possible regulation of payments. At the same time, you will be able to monitor short-term receivables and payables. Everything streamlines the intelligent workflow and connection to important registers.

Human resources
Within human resources, it is possible to use individual agendas associated with selection procedures and job seekers. It will also allow you to transfer individual information to the employee's card in the event that the candidate is accepted. The module registers vacancies and ongoing selection procedures. At the same time, it fully supports the management of CVs according to current legislative requirements.
You can use the option of implementing your own Assessment methodology. Furthermore, the module is connected to personal servers, records records of job interviews and supports their evaluation.
The module is designed and continuously updated in accordance with the applicable wage legislation. It offers the possibility of issuing electronic payslips and includes prepared links to attendance and personnel systems. It also enables fully automatic creation of payment orders or posting and supports electronic communication with public administration portals as much as possible. It is linked to the insolvency register, which makes it easier to manage debts and foreclosures.
This module allows you to clearly record the working hours of individual employees. Furthermore, thanks to it, you can monitor labor costs and use the allocation of attendance data to various accounting dimensions. Another advantage is the support of legislation concerning the allocation of surcharges.
Personnel Controlling
As part of Personnel Controlling, you will be able to record data on employees, evaluate their performance and meet specified goals. The module also supports the monitoring of costs for individual employees, their illness rate and the use of holidays. Here, too, the achieved efficiency in recruiting new employees can be monitored.

Logistics - warehouses
Get a perfect overview of stocks in individual warehouses and their locations. At the same time, estimate individual stocks (using the FIFO method and the average price) and monitor their batches, expiration dates, serial numbers, qualities and variants. The module will also take care of the flow of all documents for the logistics process and the posting of primary documents according to the default settings. It contains a wide range of pricing options, can perform warehouse inventories and closing individual warehouses. It also supports packaging reporting and helps you create a variety of statistics.
Buying center
Thanks to the buying center, you will get records of purchase orders and you will be able to generate them according to optimization requirements. The module also offers barcode or import reception. It allows you to track individual costs and match receipts with incoming invoices. Furthermore, with its help, it is possible to reserve goods upon receipt for customer requirements and will take care of connecting and covering orders with receipts.
Sales can generate linked sales documents, delivery notes, invoices and their payments. Furthermore, it is possible to register customer requirements, apply pricing, bonuses and various discounts. The control of the issue of goods and materials can be ensured by means of bar codes and the sale is connected to the transport module.
Register vehicles, plan routes and individual expeditions. In this module, it is also possible to assign individual documents to the rides and record any returns. There is also the possibility of evaluating deliveries.
EDI communication
Thanks to EDI communication, it is possible to send and receive standard EDI messages (for example, order and invoice).

Business Intelligence
The module is designed for effective analysis of different types of information from different angles and contexts. It can quickly generate the information needed for subsequent decision-making in business opportunities and order management. It includes pre-prepared views of key information about the company's operations. It can present data from any part of the system in clear graphs and tables.
It also allows you to save a modified view of selected data. It also includes the possibility of splitting data into items using the drill-down and drill-up methods. The module can provide a view of the data within the entire system.
Thanks to Business Intelligence, it is possible to compile a comprehensive interconnected plan, which will reflect the long-term and short-term view of the subsequent development of the company. The links between these plans can be strong or modifiable from the user's point of view. There is also the possibility to easily create multiple versions. Practical is the outlook function, which combines actual and planned data, as well as the function to model the impact of changes in all significant factors, including the impact on financial flow management.
Get an overview of financial events in the company and monitor individual financial flows, including receivables and payables. It includes a focus on cash flow, monitoring labor costs, business opportunities and the status of individual potential customers.
This section provides automation and process control throughout the company. Workflow allows you to easily and clearly monitor the passage of the document through the process and the status of processing. You can also monitor selected processes here and, if necessary, implement the approval of electronic processes.

HELIOS Green CRM helps to make great use of every contact with the customer. At the same time, it will make customer care more efficient, from acquiring them to planning business meetings and finding new opportunities. It can use data from the system for creating business policy and at the same time supports the creation of satisfaction questionnaires. Thanks to the connection between business and marketing, you will get up-to-date and complete information about your partners, competitors and customers.
Thanks to the module, you can monitor the progress of marketing events and evaluate their results. You can use bulk sending of emails and questionnaires. The module is fully integrated with Microsoft CRM and therefore allows synchronization of emails with Microsoft Outlook. It is also integrated with Microsoft Word and Excel. The connection with the Czech Commercial Register, ARES, Credit Check and the Czech Insolvency Register is also practical.
CRM HELIOS can identify new customers and then obtain, sort and use information about them. It helps to streamline individual marketing campaigns and generally clarifies the communication between the company and the client.
Business case management
Monitor the status of work in progress and monitor the costs and revenues related to these orders.
Monitor contractual relationships and their individual parameters, record financial performance and payment calendars of contracts. The module also supports their storage in electronic form. Contracts can be linked to automatic and electronic invoicing, and there is also the option of printing to predefined templates. Generate different types of contracts and agreements. The module also includes the possibility of generating payment calendars and financial payments, which are then switched to the company's cash flow. With the help of DMS (Document Management System) the monitoring of contracts and protocols and the creation of insurance contracts is also ensured.

Use one tool to easily monitor all internal and external projects. In the module you can plan time, resources and other capacities in detail. Furthermore, it is possible to manage the purchase, both through your own organization and through a third party. Due to the connection to the workflow, each member of the team will know what and how to do it. An integrated DMS (Document Management System) or connection to an external tool, such as Microsoft Sharepoint, is used to better organize project documentation.

Business travel
This module will make it as easy as possible for you to provide compensation in accordance with applicable legislation, internal guidelines and other requirements of the organization. At the same time, it is possible to compare the plan of the business trip and its actual course at any time. It includes a function that takes care of the calculation of compensation and settlement of business trips in various world currencies.
The module can record all realized journeys of means of transport, including information about the purpose of the trip, refueling, kilometers traveled, etc. It also includes a separate record of all means of transport and their repairs.
With this functionality, you can constantly monitor the maintenance and service of your property. At the same time, it will help you solve leasing (for example, for a company fleet).
Equipment maintenance and service
The functionality monitors the usage of individual devices and ensures regular repairs. It also monitors warranty and guarantee periods for you, including the conditions of individual guarantees.
Meetings and tasks
You will have a record of all meetings in one place. The function can then generate individual tasks and monitor meeting points, their participants and the rooms in which they take place. The module enables connection with documents that are directly related to the meeting.
ISO documentation
It supports the processes that ensure the quality leading to obtaining and maintaining this certificate.

HELIOS Nephrite boasts a number of industry solutions that are designed for the specifics of individual industry-oriented companies. As a result, it covers virtually all major industries.

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