NAXOS - Buying Center

NAXOS Buying Centre is an intranet web application based on HELIOS Nephrite, which is used to enter, record the status and process electronic requests made by employees for the supply of materials and services to the organization's purchasing department.

The Helios Central Purchase Management (CNH) module will now be referred to as NAXOS - Central Purchase Management.

NAXOS - Buying Centre is an intranet web application built on HELIOS Nephrite serving to enter, follow status and deal with electronic requests by employees for material and services of requisition department. Solution can be used for governing purchases by a specialised central department in interconnected groups of companies.
Applicants can work in an intuitive web application with no need to enter the HELIOS Nephrite system. Requests handling is done thanks to HELIOS Nephrite module Warehouse. The requested material is expedited and delivered to the applicant, or the missing material is ordered from the suppliers. Also stocking up and following standard warehouse processes are included in the module Warehouse. Invoice is automatically entered into bookkeep, per the approved request.

Why choose NAXOS?

  • Mobile and desktop approval
  • Fast and simple search of products
  • Direct link to suppliers’ web catalogues
  • Purchase automatization and optimization

Mobile and desktop approval

Are your approvers often traveling out of the office? Do they prefer not to log in to approve needed documents ? In the NAXOS everything is on just one page, which is adjusted to the device you are using. That’s why all the information is displayed in an intuitive, complex and precise way. Evenmore, it is possible to use both desktop and mobile devices, because everything is handled via web browser, independent of your OS.

Fast and simple search of products

Are your users sorting through catalogues or excel spreadsheets for products they would like to order? Are they a bit lost and overwhelmed? With the web application NAXOS you can select filters that allow you to find products from specific electronic catalogues. They show immediately the availability at the warehouse of your choice.

Direct link to suppliers’ web catalogues

Purchase automatization and optimization

NAXOS optimizes the purchase in several ways, while one of the perks is using your suppliers’ updated web catalogues or internal catalogues, that have updated products and prices. Thanks to this you can automate the purchase process – sending orders, accepting invoices, automatic approval based on the settings and more. Another way of optimization is grouping requests to one order, to save administrative and transport costs. Processing the entire purchase agenda is sped up with automatic bookkeeping (Autoaccounting, i.e. specifying accounting dimension at the beginning).

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What NAXOS can do?

Create any requests that go through the approval process up to the final execution. To contract prices with finished details. Automatizes bookkeeping, ordering and processing invoices and much more.

NAXOS schema

Catalogues allow you to select products with preferred terms, like agreed price. Thanks to them the entire process can be automated. At the same time, you can manually order a specific product or service and change the price during the process. You can use both web and mobile phones.

Approval process is a standard part of the system, nevertheless in NAXOS it’s possible to approve orders from multiple companies with a single login. Manual approval is optional in every class of the purchase process.

Order process can be automated and eletronicized thanks to the catalogues. You can both create orders automatically and electronically. Besides that, you can include in the process price offers, in case the prices are not agreed upon beforehand.

Receipts can be processed both in NAXOS and barcodes, and even in Helios Nephrite system.

With invoices, the automatization of entering them, pairing them and linking them with receipts, is of the most importance. If you prefer, you can enter everything manually. In the end you can define conditions for automatic invoices and receipts.

Processing documents (such as receipts, invoices etc.) end with entering to bookkeep. Entering all above can be automated, if certain prerequisites and conditions are met.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Usually it takes from 3 months to 20 months. It depends on the amount and variety of data that you wish to transfer from the old system to the new one, number of modules and connections to other systems. It can be summarised in the following: “The less you transfer from the original systems, the faster it gets.” Each feature will be available as time goes. That means the beginning will be available fairly soon and other features will be available later on.
We start with thorough analysis, to show us the ideal procedure, how to implement everything and the need to use old data. Without them, the implementation will be much faster. Nevertheless, we will not speed up everything at the expense of quality control and the usability of the new system. Next step is deployment and integration of the web application, the cornerstone of the Buying Centre. In the interface of the web application you process everything from request, approval, invoices to bookkeeping. And, straight from the application, you can request delivery of the product from the warehouse. The last step is fine tuning all settings in HELIOS, so that you can get the max out of it.
Yes. Even with cross reference on each row. Click the link and the record in NAXOS will open, whether it is a purchase request, receipt, bought product or issue.
Yes, it’s a standard feature of HELIOS Nephrite. You can for example select a template to show types of different devices and then select manometers. Add colours to your template, they will show you which manometers need calibration this month, what have void calibration and what still have time for the next one.

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