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Information systems implementation

All our solutions are built to adjust to your particular needs and business processes. Technological parameters of our solutions are designed so the entire portfolio of enterprise information system can be managed from one place. We adhere to established methods of setting up information systems. At the same time we are agile and respect our customer’s needs, but thanks to our experts we use well known solutions and methods to optimize processes.

How implementation works?

System implementation in 5 steps


Define your needs

At the beginning we ask you a lot, especially what you expect from the information system in your company. We analyze the current state of your business processes and then we set the scope, timeline and price of the project. We specify hardware and software requirements and name project team. But most importantly we define goals, that we want together to reach. So in the end, we can easily confirm their completion.


Solution proposal

In this segment we focus on cooperation with key users of information system in your company. In detail we analyze your requirements and provide their solution in our information system. We adjust and improve the solution proposal, so it best suits your work methods and connects to other systems you use.


System configuration

Now we set up the software solution for your enterprise system, including pilot testing. We revise and update the project plan. In the meantime, hardware administrators provide infrastructure for the new system. At this point we need data to fill codebooks and to migrate all your traffic data to the information system.



Finally we get to the implementation of information system. After evaluating results of internal testing, we train administrators and key users from your company. We prepare conduct instructions, so you can operate the system by yourself, and provide support to end users in your company. Afterwards we cooperate in testing and fill the database with business data. In case of any hiccups, we immediately adjust the settings.


Start the system

When the solution is verified as fully operational, we go live. From this moment on we stand by, to help you with initial steps, first monthly book closing, and solve possible issues. The second month, after you have familiarised yourself with the system, we mutually accept the project as finished. Our cooperation is then “limited” for technical support. We gladly can prepare another development of the information system per your requests.

Technical support

After successful launch of the information system, adjustments are sometimes needed to change, repair, add or improve it. Whether your problem can be solved by phone, technical help or visit on site, we are always available.

  • Data repair and functionality repair based on your claims
  • Updates of the systems (Upgrades, Patches, Hotfixes and Quick Builds)
  • Legislative updates of licenses
  • Process analysis and development of new function based on your needs
  • Help-desk news
  • Consultation by phone and in person
  • Hotline via phone and email
  • Remote access to your ERP HELIOS
  • Response to your written question
  • User training
Služby - Popron Systems
Služby - Popron Systems

Custom build systems

Besides our current products we are prepared to meet your needs by specialized development. Our current experience in this area shows that we can offer to our customers and implement solutions with high added value. If you are interested in the development of custom build systems, let us know so we can set up personal meeting.

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