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EMA is a native mobile application that has been developed by our company since the beginning. It is used, for example, to manage service technicians, collect data or record activities performed within the service.

Native mobile application developed from the beginning by our company, which works with a custom database based on the Android operating system. The application is currently connected to the HELIOS Green / Nephrite information system, but at the same time, if necessary, it can also be used over any company information system. It is designed for comfortable and fast work in the field via mobile devices, allowing company data to be available at all times, such as the appointment of service technicians, data collection or recording of activities performed in terms of the service, or other specific agendas.
All users will certainly appreciate the intuitive control with one hand, the ability to switch to a different contrast color scheme in adverse lighting conditions, and above all the usefulness of the offline and online mode. In the morning, technicians can download updated data that they use for the rest of the day anywhere in the field. They can then run another update every time they connect online again - the server receives their saved work and sends the current data at the same time. This saves not only the data connection and the battery, but especially the technician's time.

Why choose EMA?

  • Architecture
  • Middleware
  • Other benefits of the product


EMA - Architektura

The solution is built to withstand the rapid transfer of large amounts of data while ensuring maximum security. The data transfer itself takes place through a three-layer architecture consisting of a mobile client EMA, Middleware and ERP, where the exchange of data between the layers is handled by web services. The three-layer architecture in practice means that your information system is always fully shielded and individual clients do not have direct access to it under any circumstances.


The EMA solution also includes a unique Middleware platform, which was used to mediate communication between the mobile client and the customer's ERP. Middleware also handles user requests and allows a variety of settings - modifying the roles and rights of individual users, managing versions of the EMA application, customizing the appearance, translating texts, managing modules and individual tasks, viewing logs, defining data sent to clients and more. An interesting feature of Middleware is also the ability to enable or disable devices to which company data is sent. This gives the administrator an easy way to prevent accidental data leakage, for example, if the device is lost. The next time you try to log in on a blocked device, all downloaded data will be deleted immediately, so they may never fall into the wrong hands.

Other benefits of the product

The solution works as a kit, to which more and more functionalities can be gradually added according to the customer's needs and will therefore grow in the right direction in the future:

  • Minimum HW and SW requirements
  • Helpful and fast technical support in solving problems
  • Easy and fast access to the information I need to do my job
  • Usability in both offline and online mode
  • Thanks to the intuitive and simple control, absolutely everyone can use the application
  • Support of map materials and specialized equipment
  • Support for taking photos or videos
  • Work with GPS and other native features of mobile devices
  • Notification support on mobile devices
  • Support for QR / barcode scanning and NFC technology
  • Google Maps navigation

Are you interested in implementing EMA?

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What can EMA do?

Prerequisite for the use of these individual modules is the implementation of the agendas in HELIOS Green / Nephrite.

EMA schéma

Display registered devices and their detailed information to users, including their location on the map. The user has the option to enter descriptions, operating values, status evaluation and discrepancies to the device, including attaching any number of photos. If the device is in poor condition, the current device can be replaced with a new or spare one, or the user has the option of installing a new device to a new location.

With this module, the manager obtains information on the status of maintenance work and the performance of individual technicians on a given day. The service technician, on the other hand, uses the EMA application to receive work orders scheduled for the day, which he then performs directly at the service maintenance point and at the same time has the opportunity to view the maintenance that has already been completed. In the module it is also possible to set, for example, tasks that the technician must perform for the maintenance, further restriction of implementation according to QR/barcode or distance of mobile client from the device or entering mandatory condition assessment, including photo documentation.

It allows technicians to have a summary of reported accidents with the option to display the location of the accident on a map and at the same time provides dispatchers with information from the field (for example, photographs or recorded videos from the accident site). In addition to intervention services and accidents, technicians can also obtain information on bottled water, work reports, replacement supplies and the current state of warehouses.

The module makes it possible using EMA to inform employees in an uncomplicated and practical way about the possible imminent danger at the workplace. The employee is warned against entering risky objects and thus prevents injuries and other inconveniences. In addition to an overview of possible sources of risks for a person entering the building, the module also addresses the impact of risks on the environment or the ability to call important telephone contacts (IRS, internal dispatch, etc.).

The Energy Management module allows users to view information about individual measuring instruments, and especially to make readings directly from the measuring instrument’s location, including reporting entries to objects, attaching photo documentation, specifying GPS coordinates and attaching other notes.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Yes, EMA can also be used in the offline mode. In the morning, users can download the updated data, that they then work with for the rest of the day anywhere in the field.
The duration of the implementation takes about a week in cooperation with the customer. It depends on the number of modules you wish to use with EMA.
We will start by creating a detailed analysis of the EMA implementation and send you the requirements for the preparation of the environment. Once the detailed analysis is approved and the environment is ready, nothing prevents the implementation itself. After implementation, the next logical step is to train Middleware administrators and application end users who will start using EMU in test mode, during which they can familiarise themselves with the application. After the test operation ends, the live operation starts.
Yes, no problem if you have a mobile phone running Android 7 and above.
Yes, this is a standard EMA feature. For example, you can save user-specific permanent filtering that can be used each time you view a report, sorting included.
In the event of a device loss, Middleware allows the administrator to disable the devices to which company data is sent. The next time you try to log in on a blocked device, all company data will be deleted immediately, so it will never fall into the wrong hands.
Yes, the option to set rights for individual users is available in Middleware, which allows the administrator to assign rights not only in the reading mode, but also, for example, only for selected tasks.

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