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Enterprise Mobile Application

Your information system at your fingertips

Enterprise Mobile Application is a versatile mobile application that can be integrated into almost every business information system - even yours. Individually per your request we will program exactly those functions which you will need.

Online and offline

The application works without an Internet connection, and it will be sufficient to sync all data entered at the end of the day. So your employees can access the information system anytime, anywhere. They can easily handle important tasks at the right time, whether it is instantaneous adjustment of field data, submitting new tabs into the records, or locating objects on the map.

The three-tier architecture will lighten your phone

The application is designed to withstand the rapid transfer of large amounts of data while ensuring maximum security.

The unique middleware platform ensures processing of your requirements and can significantly relieve the requirements for the information system performance itself. In the case of  one of our clients, the middleware platform drastically reduced the time needed to synchronize data on client’s devices to only 2 minutes (with full synchronization of a data source with more than 300,000 records).

Interested in EMA?

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