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Effective and strategic dissemination of information

HELIOS Green is an integrated ERP information system that collects and structures all the important information from your business. It will help you to get a better insight into all types of processes from accounting through marketing to logistics. Due to specialized modules for different industries, it will be easily adapted to your business precisely. It is also multilingual, standardized to meet international norms and has unlimited license.


Key benefits of HELIOS Green

  • Technological maturity

    Most modern technology in the form of three-level Microsoft.NET architecture, mobile and web interface availability

  • It covers all needs

    Solution capable of covering or automating all ERP processes. We offer many ready-for-service expanding specialized modules.

  • Simple integration

    Easily integrates into your existing set of IT systems that produce and process information.

  • Clear cost structure for solutions

    Unlimited licensing rights and a simple licensing model. No license fees in the future.

  • Support and maintenance of the system

    Guarantee of up-to-date legislation and system development, support services, documentation, consulting and operator training.

Technical Information System

IS for complex asset management and maintenance

TIS will facilitate the whole maintenance process of water supply and other technical facilities. From preventative maintenance through revisions and repairs to accident liquidation or investment planning.

More about TIS

Everyone will find solutions meeting his specific needs


  • Relevant information
  • A business overview
  • Basics for strategic decision making
  • Easier orientation in a number of business data

Marketing Director

  • Evidence and segmentation of customers
  • Tracking competition, products and their parameters
  • Tracking, planning and evaluating contacts and business negotiations
  • Tracking a business case
  • Find new contacts from external databases
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of business meetings and events

IT Director

  • Perspective technology
  • High-quality fast service
  • Verified platform
  • Powerful management tools
  • Easy integration
  • Audit of system operations

Financial director

  • Controlling financial flows in the company
  • Check the movement of financial documents within the company
  • Guaranteed correctness according to current legislation
  • Controlling, reporting
  • Quick and accurate documentation for budgeting

Production Manager

  • Production planning
  • Capacity planning
  • Track progress of the job

Director for Human Resources

  • Human resources
  • Tenders

Middle Management and Employees

  • Fast access to data
  • User friendliness
  • Information Linking
  • Preset outputs

The HELIOS Green web interface

A stand alone web application will display all the data from the information system in well-arranged form. At the same time you will be able to observe all your reports and other information to which you can arbitrarily set access rights for individual employees. All data can also be easily exported to Excel, CSV or PDF.

Interested in HELIOS Green?

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