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Implementation of information systems

HELIOS Green and TIS are constructed to fit your unique needs. Therefore, we always configure them differently. But we always follow a systematic approach. It consists of several steps starting from defining your requirements and leading to successfully introducing the system in your business and training all users.


Definition of requirements

At the beginning, we ask you a lot about what you expect from the information system in your business. We analyze the current state of your business processes and then determine the overall scope of the project, timetable and cost. We specify hardware and software requirements and appoint a project team. First of all, we define the goals to be achieved for easy verification of their fulfillment at the end of the cooperation.


Proposal for a solution

At this stage, it is important for us to interact with key IS users from your company. We analyze your requirements in more detail and describe their solutions in our information system. We specify the design of the entire process so that it is in line with your workflows and can be tied to other systems you use.


System Configuration

The next step is to set up and implement software solutions for your enterprise system, including their pilot testing. We review and update the project plan. In the meantime, the hardware administrators provide the infrastructure on which the new system will run. At this stage we need from you the materials to fill the dials and migration of your business data to the IS.



Finally, the IS implementation takes place. After evaluating the results of internal testing, we train administrators and key users in your company. We put together the operating instructions so you can work independently and provide support to other end-users in your company. We then collaborate on testing and fill the database with sharp data. If there are any traps, we immediately adjust the setting.


Starting the system

If the solution is verified as fully functional, we start complete operation. From this stage, we are here to help you with the first steps, the first monthly release, and also to remove possible shortcomings as soon as possible. After the second month, when you are able to manage everything yourself, the project is accepted on both sides. Then our cooperation "narrows" to providing technical support, or we may plan further development of the IS according to your requirements.

Technical support

Once the information system has been successfully deployed, sometimes it is required to edit, repair or add or improve something. Whether the problem is solved by phone advice, technical assistance or a visit to you, we are always available.

What can we cope with?

  • Data and functionality repairs based on your claims
  • Passing Upgrades, Patch, Hotpatch, and Quickbuilds
  • Legislative License Updates
  • Process analysis and development of additional features based on your suggestions

Which form can technical support take?

  • Information about the news published on our Extranet
  • Personal and phone consulting
  • Telephone and e-mail hotline
  • Remote access to your HELIOS Green IS
  • Response to a written electronic query
  • Training of users

Other services

Operation HELIOS Green in the cloud

The operation of information systems in a shared space has many benefits and will facilitate your work, especially while sharing and long-term storage of data. But it is up to you how much you use the cloud. The priority of using the cloud is always the overall security of your system, so that no information can be leaked. The advantage of this solution is also performance scalability, which can be adjusted at hourly intervals depending on the infrastructure load (for example, during working hours or for complex nighttime calculations), or it can simply grow with your information system requirements. For some customers, it may be interesting to use servers in different datacenters all over the world.

 Cloud Usage Options

  • You have all your data and use the cloud only for backup
  • You use HW data center solutions and your system runs in the cloud. In this way you will resolve worries about performance, storage and availability on all sites
  • You are using not only the cloud-based hardware solution, but also the Software as a Service (SaaS) - whether it's an operating system, a database system, or even the entire HELIOS Green information system

While deploying cloud solutions, we work closely with IBM to be provided with the long-term know-how and the necessary server backgrounds in this area. It is a challenge for us to find the best solution for your business.

IT financing

If you need the cost for a new IT system and any IT infrastructures to be taken in instalments, we will be happy to help you cut costs. In cooperation with IBM Global Financing, we can provide you with hardware and software financing as well as optimizing the cost of following system maintenance and eventual future developments over time. We can even fund entire projects from initial analysis up to routine operation.

We can offer you classic financial or operational leasing as well as supplier loans. If you want to own the equipment immediately, we will design individual financing plan for you.

The IBM Global Financing offer is particularly advantageous thanks to its long-term IT strategy and expertise that helps problems to be not only solved but also prevented. The interest rates of this service are lower than usual methods of financing due to their specialization. With its expertise, IBM can provide you with meaningful low costs and help mitigate your risks. You can use the saved funds for other investments.


Would you like to discuss the financing possibilities of your project? Do not hesitate to contact us for personal consultation.