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Technical Information System

Technical Information System for Complex Maintenance Management

TIS will facilitate the whole maintenance of water supply and other technical facilities; from preventative maintenance through revisions and repairs up to accident liquidation or investment planning.

Basic TIS modules


Technical record

It creates a structured database of all objects - machines, buildings, areas or infrastructure sections. It allows you to register all object properties and record their operating values. Owing to integration with GIS, you can easily locate objects on the map. You will always have an overview of their current status including warranty records and spare parts. Technical record is linked to your accounting, personnel records, warehouse management, and you can freely add additional documentation to individual objects.

Enterprise Mobile Application

Available for both your phone and tablet

Via EMA mobile application, you can control the work of individual technicians and instantly pass information or record reports. The application works both online and offline so you always have it at your fingertips.

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It serves for preparation, monitoring, management and evaluation of maintenance and repair plans. It automatically plans regular revisions, generates clear work schedules, and records detected defects of objects, including photodocumentation. It will successively generate long-term investment plans in line with your economical state. It also helps you to optimize costs and evaluate the effectiveness of human and technical resources.

Emergency management

You will no longer miss the emergency status of a single object and, moreover, you will have an overview of the entire course of the accident liquidation. Due to integration of ZIS, GIS and SCADA, the system records all reports and alerts, locates each crash on the map, and generates supply lockouts of specific supply points, including provision of spare materials deliveries and informing users by email or SMS. It allows you to follow every step of the procedural or emergency services and solving the problems itself. In addition, you will be immediately informed of the accident cost.

TIS is based on the proven HELIOS Green information systém which can be implemented and operated in the Cloud.

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