ČEVAK, a.s.

We provide solutions based on IS HELIOS Green and Technical Information System Helios Green including EMA

Processed and registered data allow us to control and have a summary of operational actions and administration of entrusted property

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About company

ČEVAK is a water supplier running water supply infrastructure, mostly purifying drinking water, water and sewage infrastructure, and water treatment plants.

ČEVAK ensures drinking water supply and removal of waste water for over half a million inhabitants of Jihočeský region, Plzeň region and Vysočina region. Besides its main business operations it provides other services, connected to operation and maintenance of water supply and sewers. Its only shareholder is ENERGIE AG BOHEMIA s. r. o. (EAGB).

How Popron Systems helps us

ČEVAK is a flagship in the EAGB Česká republika group. It uses services and know how of information systems put to use in the water segment.

Popron Systems delivers to ČEVAK ERP solution based on IS HELIOS Green and Technical Information System HELIOS Green including EMA solution (Enterprise mobile application). EMA represents sophisticated functional data and communication interconnectedness between ČEVAK as operating company and owner company (Vodárenská sdružení Táborsko, who owns water management property in cities Tábor, Sezimovo Ústí and Planá nad Lužnicí.

Processed and registered data and operations in the information system HELIOS Green (TINOS and EMA) allow for control and summary over operations, property management and investments, what contractor or owner performs with the infrastructure.

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