Pražská vodohospodářská společnost a.s.

With this company we started to cooperate in 2020

We develop new modules and functions for existing solutions

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About company

Pražské vodohospodářské společnosti a.s. (hereinafter PVS) is 100% owned by the capital city Prague and a controlled person in the meaning of article 74 law no. 90/2012 Coll., law on business corporations. Main responsibility of PVS is to create water property management and its investor-engineering operations conditions for supply with quality drinking water and removal of wastewater for the citizens of Prague.

Company PVS became in 2018 49% shareholder of Pražské vodovody a kanalizace a.s. (PVK). As its minority shareholder with pre-emption for the remaining 51% of PVK’s shares following goals were set:

  • Ensure supervision of preservation and compatibility of information systems;
  • Prepare for unification of information systems with possibility to share database and data;
  • Improve cooperation at all levels between PVS and PVK;
  • Ensure common development of key information systems and smart technologies;
  • Compile strategic study of variants of administration and operations after 2028.

How Popron Systems helps us

To meet above mentioned goals PVS in concert with PVK chose Popron Systems a.s. These project(s) spanned between 2020-2022 are focused on developing new modules and functions for already implemented and used Technical Information System HELIOS Green and Enterprise Mobile Application with integrated binding on existing or newly constructed infrastructure PVS/PVK and providing advisory and consultancy to these projects.

According to a harmonogram each phase of the entire project will enter Service mode. In the two year period we are working on separate subprojects and developing application portfolios based on the IS HELIOS Green and EMA platform. The system is developed and customized to include following agenda TINOS - Building records, TINOS - Maintenance, TINOS - Property records, TINOS – SIP, TINOS – Emergency management. IS HELIOS Green as an open integrative platform furthermore connects to other systems as GIS, vyjadřovací portál, DMS, data storage, module BIM, CENO, ApplStream and more.

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