Pražské vodovody a kanalizace a.s.

Crucial customer of Popron Systems since 2006

We delivered licence and implementation of ERP solution based on IS HELIOS Green

In 2016 we introduced user friendly mobile application EMA

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About company

Company Pražské vodovody a kanalizace, a.s. operates Prague’s water infrastructure. PVK ensures drinking water supply and removal of waste water, as well as purifying water. Over 1.627 million of Prague’s inhabitants and circa 60 thousand inhabitants of Středočeský region are provided with drinking water by PVK.

Beside its main operations PVK provides services with respect to operating and maintaining water infrastructure and sewage for public utilities. For instance solving emergencies on water infrastructure and sewerage, hydrometers. To its customers PVK offers many services, for example surveying and measuring sewerage, laboratory analysis, junction, searching for hidden vulnerabilities, deratization, clogs and others. Many of these activities are supported by IS HELIOS Green and its developed custom built solutions.

How Popron Systems helps us

Pražské vodovody a kanalizace is among the most crucial customer to Popron Systems in the water infrastructure and sewerage since 2006. The spark for further cooperation was successful implementation and license to a prominent czech ERP solution based on IS HELIOS Green (formerly IS NORIS).

In 2008 it has been decided to fully utilize scope, properties and functions of ERP’s core and develop new solutions for support records, planning and management of emergency repairs of water infrastructure. In 2016 we developed and implemented a highly sophisticated, but user friendly, mobile application for working with technical data right in the field (EMA - Enterprise mobile application).

Since then we have invested great amount of specialized know-how from both companies into IS HELIOS Green, which is highly customized and suited to segment specific needs. It connects business processes in data communication level, integration, digitalization and automatization in financial, logistic, business, wage and HR agenda.

Thanks to mobile application that connects to data in ERP system, company is able to manage risk or take measures in relation to an object or work hazards. Undeniable advantage of IS HELIOS Green is easy integration to other specialized solutions, such as CRM customer systems, laboratory systems, SCADA systems for remote control, iOT solutions and mobile applications or portal solutions.

We put high emphasis on security and protection of access to company data. Thanks to the data model and general functions of the entire system it is possible to share the data throughout the business, to standardize it and provide access even among supplier-provider business relationships.

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