VEOLIA Energie Česká republika a.s.

Our collaboration began in 2015

For Popron Systems this was a breakthrough implementation of ERP solution based on IS HELIOS Green in the area of production and distribution of heat and energy

We ensured the technological concept, development and deployment of a web solution for managing the “Buying Centre” for the entire consortium VEČR

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About company

Veolia Energie group is in Czech Republic one of the most prominent producers and suppliers of heat, cold, electricity and other energy commodities. At the same time it is a leader in Europe in providing energy services for cities, municipalities and their citizens, medical and school facilities, industrial companies, public institutions and clients from the tertiary sector.

Veolia Energie in Czech Republic not only secures energy supply for its customers, but also helps them to manage their properties, offers energetically and economically optimal solutions that are in compliance with comfort and environmental responsibility. Veolia Energie is in Czech Republic market one of the biggest independent heat and electricity producers in combined cycle or cogeneration, which is highly environmentally friendly.

Following companies use the implemented solutions based on IS HELIOS Green and Buying Centre Helios:

  • Veolia Energie ČR
  • Veolia Energie Praha
  • Veolia Energie Kolín
  • Veolia Energie Mariánské Lázně
  • Veolia Průmyslové služby ČR
  • Veolia Komodity ČR
  • OLTERM & TD Olomouc
  • AmpluServis

How Popron Systems helps us

In 2015 began delivery of licences and services for the group of companies Veolia Energie Česká republika a.s. (VEČR) spanned 4 years. For Popron Systems this was a breakthrough implementation of ERP solution based on IS HELIOS Green in the utility industry focused on the production and distribution of heat and energy.

Great challenge was conceptual implementation of the design of the architecture of the entire solution based on IS HELIOS Green, which consisted of the harmonization of the business processes within the companies concerned.

An integral part of the entire extensive implementation of the ERP system and harmonization of business processes was the integration into currently used applications and information systems, such as Lancelot for Trading with Commodities, ROD system for registration of customer contracts, eMATEP customer systems for invoicing heat, eFatep for invoicing energy, system for maintenance planning and management Maximo, DMS etc.

The big challenge of the whole contract was the technological design, development and deployment of a web solution for the management of the "Buying Centre" of the entire consortium of VEČR companies. It is a separate web application for about 600 users of the group, fully integrated with ERP HELIOS Green and includes a communication interface with suppliers for updating product catalogs. It's a solution that includes multi-level approval of purchase requisitions according to defined limits related to the job position and name with the possibility of attaching files (tender documentation, contracts, invoices).

A multi-level approval workflow and a direct link to the accounting module (autoaccounting) and purchasing are implemented over the entire solution. Since 2019, the entire solution has been developed and further automated in the service and technical support mode.

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